Eric and Karen's Tahoe Rim Hike - Days 7 thru 10 swiss replica watches

Views from the trail between Echo Lake and Tahoe City (49 miles)

Profile of trail from Echo Lake to Tahoe City.
Elevation grid is 500 feet and starts near the bottom at 6,500.

 Aloha Lake in the Desolation Wilderness

 Outflow from Susie Lake


 A view of a steep rocky section of the trail. Look at the snow patch in the center of the picture.

 Water flowing from Fontanillis Lake above and below.


 View of Richardson Lake from the tent.

 Composite picture where the TRT leaves the Pacific Crest Trail.

 Celebrating arriving at Tahoe City, hamburger, fries, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

TRT Home Day 11