Eric and Karen's Tahoe Rim Hike - Days 3, 4, and 5

Views from the trail between Kingsbury and Big Meadow


The trail on a steep slope. How did they build this trail?

View from the trail on the East side of the Sierras

Star Lake, freezing cold water, tastes good after filtering

Highest point on the trail so far, 9,721 feet 


Camp for the fourth night 5 miles short of Big Meadow trail head

At the finish of Kingsbury to Big Meadow


The fifth night on the trail………..

Hiked 2 additional miles and camped next to a ski slope. Hiked 15 very hard miles on Thursday over a 9,721 foot pass. Camped at 9,200 feet and heard a pack of coyotes very near at 1 AM. Hiked 5.3 miles to Big Meadow in the morning.

We have now completed 60 miles of the 165 trail.

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